About: A History

byDM.ca Cypress Peak

David Marasigan has always had a passion for the camera. From a young age he has been capturing the moments of life and the world around him. Some of the first photos taken were with a 35mm panoramic camera from the top of Cypress Mountain. These pictures captured the natural beauty and grand scale of the BC Coastal Mountains.

The ballroom is really where he has honed his photography skills over the years. Through the fast paced world of ballroom dancing, David has learned how to capture the action and anticipate it before it happens. To be at the right place at the right time with camera ready is what it's all about. The mood of the dance portrayed by the lines of the body and the expression on the face. To capture dance in all it's passion and motion is no small feat, but one he takes very seriously.

Through dance photography, people started to emerge who asked if he would be interested in photographing their own events. Opportunities arose to shoot weddings, family portraits, engagements, and more. Each shoot provided unique challenges, and every time the client walked away highly satisfied with the results.